DMP Hawaii was founded in 2001 with the idea of providing clients a professional level of visitor industry consulting services both directly and through a network of other talented Hawaii based companies. We are now able to expand that concept to include providing resorts with custom designed management services that we believe will re-define resort management in Hawaii. We now offer owners an opportunity to engage with us in an Owner-Centric approach to Hospitality Management.

Our Vision:

To bring the advantages once only found in national management companies to the owners of independent Hawaii resorts.

Our Mission:

To empower independent owners in Hawaii with the ability to benefit from an experienced knowledge base of visitor industry talent. We will accomplish this by both a human network of independent hospitality Specialist as well as employing the latest advances now readily available through electronic networks. This will provide our owners with the most cost effective avenues to grow both top line sales and bottom line profits.

Our Values:

  • We value the importance of owners. You have invested your resources into a resort and assumed the risks. Management must focus on serving your goals and objectives first.
  • We value the importance of your brand. We understand the benefits of nationally branded resorts but we also understand that in Hawaii, your individual resort is also a brand to be enhanced.
  • We value win-win outcomes. This requires alignment of interests, transparency at all times, and the flexibility to adapt. The three cornerstones of Owner-Centric Management.

Our Difference:

At DMP Hawaii we believe an “Owner-Centric” approach is core to all that we do. What does that mean for you? There are three key principles that are cornerstones to our “Owner-Centric” management program.