Aligning Compensation:

Alignment begins with how one compensates the management company. There are two top priorities to every owner and we design each agreement around those priorities.

Sales – As a wise person once said “nothing happens until someone, somewhere, makes a sale.” Our Base Management Fee is derived from a small percentage of the top line sales.

Profits – How your management company operates the business in the middle determines the level of profits generated by each sale. Our agreements feature an Incentive Fee that is based upon the level of improvement we produce for our owners.

Alignment ends with how the management company compensates the team leader for the property. At DMP Hawaii, the General Manager is contracted with us and they receive their base pay from a portion of the Base Management Fee and they receive bonus or incentive pay from DMP’s Incentive Fee.

Aligning with the Brand:

We understand the power of a Brand. We also understand the challenges of a Brand.
Because DMP is a management company and not a Brand, we are totally comfortable in working with any independent owner who wishes to franchise with a Brand Name but also we understand how to promote your individual resort as THE Brand.

Aligning with You:

No owner or ownership group has the exact same short, mid, or long term goals for their property. By working together and understanding the unique opportunities that are present in every relationship, we are focused on utilizing our skills and depth of experience to the benefit of everyone.