Flexible Contracts:

The theme behind any contract we enter into with an owner is two fold. First is the K.I.S. principle. We want to Keep It Simple. We do not want to hide behind complex contracts but believe that the best contract is the one you never have to read again. The second is that we want to do business with people that want to do business with us. Every agreement has a simple way for us to part if we are not meeting your expectations.

Flexible Services:

Our business model allows us to bring only the services you need so that you are not paying to support a larger corporate infrastructure and we insure that those services you do require are of the highest quality in the islands. Together, we can always add or delete services as the needs change.

Flexible Brand Management:

There is not a major brand operating in Hawaii that our team does not have experience working within. Should you choose to franchise, we can not only seamlessly integrate with that brand’s island leadership teams but insure maximum benefits are realized. We also are very centered on growing the brand of independent resorts. We understand that in either situation, owners prosper most when the brand is elevated.