Financial Transparency:

We are an open book. Owners have full financial disclosure on every monthly statement and are welcome to drill down and question any expenditure. We will always operate in a manner that is in the best interest of the resort since we also share in the end results generated by every decision.

Individual Transparency:

While we believe we have assembled the best of the best as team members, we hold each to a high standard of individual performance and will not hesitate to make a change if needed. We do not receive nor accept any compensation from Teammates directly or indirectly when we our contract for services as your manager.

Team Transparency:

Because our approach to business comes from a win-win-win perspective, there are no hidden agendas and because of our business structure there is no upside to internal politics within our organization.  As a bonus, our decades of experience in Hawaii means, we know those who share our values and who does not.